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We are a specialise in providing loft conversions in Leeds. A loft conversion is by far the easiest way to not only add an extra bedroom within your home, but it is one of the best ways to add value to your home. In many cases the returns made when it comes to selling your home far outweigh the initial investment.

Expert Loft Converters In Leeds

Rose Joinery Leeds are exceptionally skilled in turning your lost space into an extra bedroom. We are experienced in creating a new living space within your home. We have completed projects across Leeds, United Kingdom and continue to grow our impressive CV of conversions. Whether you’re looking to add extra living space for a new arrival, or would like to add value to your home before selling (It’s been estimated that an extra bedroom can add up to 10% on to your homes value.) The space in your vacant loft is going to waste and we’re here to help you!

In fact, many people don’t even realise the potential they having right above their heads. We’ve seen people create spaces which generate extra income through Air Bnb, create beautiful nursery’s for their young families and transform the extra space into a fully equipped office space, so they can spend more time at home, rather than having to travel or even rent an office.

There are so many reasons to convert your loft, and we fully advise that you get in touch to see what’s possible within your home. 

Loft Conversion Planning Permissions?

It’s a commonly misunderstood subject that planning permission is absolutely necessary. There are many instances where it is required, usually if you’re planning on altering or exceeding your roof space past a specific limit. However this is something that we can discuss with you in detail when we receive the scope of your project. If you need planning permission, we’re happy to support and guide you through the process, (which isn’t as daunting as it may seem!)

DIY Loft Conversion

We see DIY Loft Conversions all the time… usually when we’re called in to fix them! Unfortunately, the old saying “Spend cheap, spend twice” certainly comes in to play here. Although not out of the question for people with a background in a trade, there are many instances where a customer has ended up spending a lot more than they initially would have, if they had just got in touch with us first! As we’re a responsible loft conversion Leeds company, we will ensure that your project is delivered to the highest spec and to your requirements. There are lots of things to consider, from the extra weight which comes with a loft conversion to ensuring that it is well lit.

If you’re thinking about a conversion, but don’t know where to begin… get in touch with us via the contact form below and we’ll be on hand to guide you through the process and assist you in making the most informed decision possible. 

Expert Loft Conversions in Leeds

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Most frequent questions and answers

A typical loft conversion project can take anywhere between 8 – 12 weeks dependent on size of the space an complexity of the job. We aim to have all our projects delivered as efficiently as possible and usually take 10 weeks. However, we’re committed to providing the best loft conversion in Leeds possible so we will be fully transparent with our expected timescales and remain committed to ensuring all our loft conversion work is as little invasive as possible. We’ll communicate with you to understand any special requirements or work arounds and will always keep your satisfaction in mind. There are sometimes instances where various contributing factors delay the process, however as a loft conversion company in Leeds, we have a great reputation for our level of service and our transparent communication.

A loft conversion can vary greatly in terms of price, which is equated to the materials required as well as the amount of labour needed to complete the job. We will always approach a project with efficiency in mind, and discuss the various price points associated with each type of material, or complexity of the design. One thing we often ask customers to keep in mind, is that a loft conversion can be one of the best ways of increasing a properties value, so in many cases a person will invest in creating an extra bedroom and this will not only increase the value of their home but it’ll also allow them to rent out that room if they wish. It’s worth taking a look at a property website like rightmove to compare how much properties in your area with an extra bedroom are selling for. You may be surprised that it far outweighs the initial cost of a loft conversion in Leeds.

When it comes to loft conversions in Leeds, we cover all post codes across the Leeds area, including Morley, Headingley, Pudsey, Oakwood, Holbeck, Garforth, Crossgates, Wortley, Armley, Roundhay, Moortown, Beeston, Horsforth, Wetherby and even Ilkley. If you’re outside this area, there’s a good chance that we’ll be able to provide a service so please do give us a call and check our availability. In Leeds, United Kingdom

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